Rajab Natshah - Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Rajab Natshah



Senior Software Developer



Vardot: Enterprise Drupal Solutions



Contact only for Business
E-mail:    rajabn@gmail.com
Mobile: 00962799222347




LOVE Open Source!!!

Empowering the Open Source Communities.

Automating the Automated.


Automate some very time consuming tasks to ensure consistent output.

I intend to advance my career into the direction of software development management, as the head of automation.

Advancing development and developers, product management, from feature descriptions to automated functional control and technical documentations.





Academic Qualifications


BSc. , Computer Science, Zarqa University, Jordan, 2003.







Research Papers


"Neural Networks Tool for Arabic Script Classification", submitted for publication , Attended and presented in ACIT 2003 in June 2003.








Certificate Name From
Acquia Certified Developer Acquia
Attended and presented a paper entitled "Neural Networks Tools for Arabic Script Classification "

4th International Arab Conference on Information Technology  ( ACIT'2003 )

Intelligence Certificate

Jubilee High School, Jordan

IELTS ACADEMIC  Overall Band Score 5.5

International House, London

Excellence certificate

Manja school, Jordan




Computer Skills


Internet Technology : LAMP,  PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3/LESS/SASS , JS ( jQuery, prototype, AJAX).

CMS: Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Yii, vBulletin, and phpBB.

Components/Modules Development using MVC (Model, View, Controller)

Databases: MySQL , Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle  .


Programming Languages : C++/C

Others: Visual C++ ; Visual C# ;Visual Basic ; Java ; Pascal ;  and Prolog.

Frameworks : QT, MFC, .NET, ATL, and Java.

Embedded Programming : PICmicro Microcontroller using PIC C Compiler, FPGA using Handel-C.

Operating Systems : Linux, And Windows.

Automated Functional Testing: Gherkin Script, Behat,  Selenium.

Fast Typing : English, Arabic.






Training Courses



Mastering MFC Fundamentals  Using Microsoft Visual C++

COMPUBASE Education Guaranteed , Microsoft CERTIFIED Technical Education Centre

Mastering MFC  Development Using Microsoft Visual C++

COMPUBASE Education Guaranteed , Microsoft CERTIFIED Technical Education Centre

Mastering COM Development Using Microsoft Visual C++

COMPUBASE Education Guaranteed , Microsoft CERTIFIED Technical Education Centre


Software Engineering Fundamentals With Rational Technology

Maintenance Hardware for PC's

Continuous Teaching and Community Service Center , in Zarka University

Computer Hardware and OS

London College

Web Design

London College

Web Database Programming

London College

Oracle 10g OCP

London College


London College

Sun Java SCJP

London College

Cisco Networking

London College

Pre-Sessional Course

DIPLOMA ( Completed A twenty-two weeks General English

Course At Upper Intermediate level )

Completed A twenty-two weeks at Higher-Intermediate Level

The British Council , Level 6  Achieved a Final Competency of B






Graduate Courses


Course Name 

Project Work

Graduation Project

Neural Networks Tool for Arabic Script Classification . A neural network that combines some properties of perceptron net with ADALINE net is developed for classification of Arabic script. It is based on supervised learning or with tutor technique. A software tool is designed for training and testing any set of character combinations or fonts. The circuit is tested for various combination sets of Arabic characters with different fonts and sizes. The network exhibited high recognition and low error rates having reasonable tolerance to some noise level.

This Project submitted as paper for publication, Attended and presented in ACIT 2003 in June 2003.

Artificial Neural Networks


20*20 points of script recognition for English Alphabet and Arabic numerals.



Patterns Recognition


Segmentation, edge detection, and apply Pattern recognition systems using C++.

Artificial Intelligence

XO problem, Maze.

Digital Logic Design

Design 7 light segments using basic logic gates.

Computer Architecture

Design sample CPU Processor. And sample BUS system.

Computer Organization

Design Memory extending & multiplication system RAM.

Theory of Computation

Developed an Application Tool which Generates code (C++, Basic) for some sort finite state machine descriptions, DFA, NDFA.

Computer Simulation

Developed an era estimation system in real time for size of  20*20 cm, and the example was about sizing hands.

Compiler Construction

Reprogram the Lexical analyzer for C++ using just C. with the flex tools

Electronics 1 and 2

Using Chip-sets in electronic circuits, full adder, decoder, Encoder, Multiplexers. And work with analog channels.

Internet Programming

Developed a simple forum system using PHP & MySQL, It was starting point for the parmoog.com website.





Current Interest


  • Web Development
  • Automation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Artificial Neural Networks








  •   Reading.
  •   Art & Drawing.