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Computer Skills

Internet Technology : LAMP,  PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3/LESS/SASS , JS ( jQuery, prototype, AJAX).

CMS: Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Yii, vBulletin, and phpBB.

Components/Modules Development using MVC (Model, View, Controller)

Databases: MySQL , Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle  .


Programming Languages : C++/C

Others: Visual C++ ; Visual C# ;Visual Basic ; Java ; Pascal ;  and Prolog.

Frameworks : QT, MFC, .NET, ATL, and Java.

Embedded Programming : PICmicro Microcontroller using PIC C Compiler, FPGA using Handel-C.

Operating Systems : Linux, And Windows.

Automated Functional Testing: Gherkin Script, Behat,  Selenium.

Fast Typing : English, Arabic.