If you want to survive, you must be strong and smart

Mr. Icon, Mr Glass, Mr Pickle

Long time, there were close friends Mr. Iron, Mr. Glass, and Mr. Pickle. Mr. Iron was made of Iron, Mr. Glass was made of glass, and Mr. Pickle was made of pickles. They were poor people who couldn't work, and they lived in a small cottage beside ghoul's big castle.

Mr. Icon, Mr Glass, Mr Pickle


They went to the ghoul's kitchen and eat, then went back to their small cottage, but one day when they were eating, the ghoul's wife saw them in the kitchen, she got angry, and she told them they shouldn't come there.


The next day they came back and started eating in the kitchen, but she saw them, and this time she was angry, they ran, but she followed them at this time, and this time she caught Mr. Glass, and she blew at him. Mr. Glass went up in the air and fell down then broke into pieces and died. His friends were sad, but they couldn't do anything for him.


The following day, Mr. Iron and Mr. Pickle went back again and started eating, but she followed them again. They ran away but she followed them and this time she caught Mr. Pickle, then she blew at him but he went up in the air and fell down, then he snapped and died. Mr. Iron was very sad angry, and he wanted to take revenge.


The following day, Mr. Iron went to the ghoul's kitchen and started eating. She saw him and asked him if he wanted to die like his friends. Mr. Iron said she couldn't kill him, then she blew at him and Mr. Iron went up in the air and fell down but he didn't die because he was made of Iron, So she blew stronger than the first time, but he still didn't die. She tried again, but this time while she was blowing at him, her mouth ruptured and Mr. Iron laughed at her.


She went to the tailor to sew her mouth back together. After that, she went to Mr. Iron's small cottage then called out to him "Come here if you are a strong man!". Mr. Iron came out of his small cottage, then she tried to blow at him, but her mouth ruptured again. Mr. Iron laughed at her. She was very angry then she went to the tailor to sew her mouth back together again.


So she couldn't kill him, but she thought of catching him when he came to her kitchen, so the next day, Mr. Iron went to the kitchen, but the goal's wife caught him and put him in a strong bag and tied the bag with a hangman's rope, and she selected her daughter Memona to keep watch over Mr. Iron.


The Ghoul's wife wanted to cook Mr. Iron, and invite all her family to eat him, so she told her daughter she had to be careful not to open the bag. Then she left the house to go and invite her family, to come for diner.


Mr. Iron heard her say that she wanted to eat him. He wondered how he could get out of the bag. He started chewing the gum loudly and said "Red gum, mmmmm, Green gum, mmmmm , blue gum, mmmmm", Which he repeated that many times, Fortunately, the ghoul's daughter ( Memona ) wanted chewing gum, So she asked Mr. Iron to give her a piece of gum.


Mr. Iron told her he couldn't give her any gum because the bag was tied. He told her she could make a small hole in the bag, but she said she couldn't. Because her mother had ordered her not to open the bag, so Mr. Iron waited for one minute, then he repeated "Red gum!!!, mmmmm, Green gum!!!!, mmmmm , blue gum!!!!!, mmmmm", Eventually she said yes, she would make a small hole.


She made a small hole, then she said "Give me a piece of gum, Please". But Mr. Iron told her he couldn't get out the gum because the hole was too small, So she widened it and asked him "know will you give me the gum, please?", but again he said, "No I can't, the hole isn't big enough!". She widened the hole even more, but Mr. Iron didn't agree with her until the hole was big enough and he could get out through it.


When the ghoul's wife came back with her family, they saw the food already on the table. The ghoul's wife said that her daughter was excellent because she had cooked Mr. Iron, So they started eating.


But after they had finished eating, the ghoul's wife went to the fridge and opened the freezer, and saw her daughter's head. She screamed "No OOOOOOO!?!????" and started crying, but Mr. Iron started laughing and ran away to the roof of the ghoul's house.


She followed him to the roof, but Mr. Iron made fun of her and Said "This is Memona's shirt", then he threw the shirt to her, She was crying hysterically, then he said " This is Memona's dress", and threw it to her. Then he said "These are Memona's knickers", and threw them to her too.


Finally Mr. Iron ran away to a far place, but he was sitting the knowledge that he had got revenge for his friend's deaths and the ghoul's wife had lost everything she loved.


The moral of this story is:

"If you want to survive, you must be strong and smart"
Mr. Icon, Mr Glass, Mr Pickle