Flipped to Show the Scary Movie Face - After The Tsunami of Awesome

Flipped to show the scary movie face - After  The Tsunami of Awesome

In a dream about a year ago, I glimpsed an artwork of mine, only to wake up and actually see it in the soft light of my room.

It felt like it had jumped from my dream into reality. Surprisingly, I found out it had a twin displayed in a library. A fact I hadn't known until I woke up. 

This moment made me realize how shifting our perspective, like flipping a picture, can change how we see things, including my own art.

Turning the face from west to east, or the other way makes people also turn the picture, altering their view.

This picture is a flip to the left for The Tsunami of Awesome Has Come

What would a flip to the right look like?


Do we have to flip all pictures to see scary movie faces in them, or keep the happy landing view?